What happens if the mill levy election does not pass?

The Aztec Municipal Schools budget is already strained.  If the 1.886 mill level does not pass, there will be:

  • Less money for direct student teaching
  • Less money for administrative support for students and staff
  • Less money for updating student technology
  • Less money for classroom needs
  • Less money for repairs, maintenance, and heating and cooling

There will also be:

  • Fewer athletic programs
  • Larger class sizes
  • Fewer activities
  • No afterschool programs

Aztec School’s Request for a 2.0 mill levy failed in February 2019.  Why are you asking for a mill levy less than a year later?

Taxpayers approved a 1.886 mill levy in 2013. That mill levy will expire at the end of 2019. Aztec Municipal Schools placed a 1.886 mill levy on the November 2019 ballot because we want voters to know that this money is important to our school system.  If the mill levy expires, we will have to cut programs, basic maintenance and technology that will directly affect our students.

If the mill levy does not pass, would my property taxes go down?

Theoretically, if the mill levy does not pass, your property taxes could go down.  However, when a 2010 general obligation bond (which is also a property tax) for higher education failed, property taxes did not go down in a single New Mexico county.

Also, the amount of property taxes you are paying for the 1.886 mill levy is modest.  For example, if your home is valued at $150,000, you paid an estimated $93.55 in property taxes for Aztec Municipal Schools in 2018. If the mill levy passes in November 2019, your estimated property taxes for Aztec Municipal Schools in 2019 would be $94.30, which is a 75-cent increase.  If you break this down by month, $94.30 would equal $7.86 per month – which is less than two fast food meals.

I don’t have any connection to the schools. I don’t have any children who attend, and none of my friends or family work there.  Why should I support this mill levy?

Aztec’s future depends on good schools. And, the fact is, schools are an economic driver.  Without quality, well-maintained and safe schools, our community could lose population, and property values (including the value of your home) could go down.